Monday, May 28, 2012

This Is Hell In Paradise! YES! THAT bloody song.

Well, I thought I'd lost my mind.  Suddenly This Is Hell In Paradise!  Yes THAT bloody song!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh no!
I read the crazy headline---figure it must be right-wing lies/misinformation. Says my Dutch friends have worse problems on their heads......AFTER their idiotic government  had recently banned what their supreme court had previously ruled to be, I paraphrase, "a part of nature, not a drug delivery system," referring to the paddos, that is Psilocybes and other Genera of entheogenic mushrooms.  OK, the slippery bastards got an exception for sclerotia---the psychedelic psilocybin truffle--it is technically NOT A MUSHROOM.  Dutch logic.

Now the frippin' Dilberts have just cut their own throats.  I  just read that non-Dutch are no longer legally able to buy pot or hasj!  Seriously, are you people insane?  Most of the tourism that feeds the Netherlands comes from "cannabis tourism."  It must  be bullshit.

The Dutch did not SEEM so foolish...........next, what, outlaw prostitution?  Folks, you were PROGRESSIVE, now you are going BACKWARDS.  Prost!  Since when did the blitzkrieg happen again in Holland without anyone noticing?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Haarlem And The Claw

Every morning the same damn thing------huge containers of food for all sorts of
tastes along with layla.  What are they feeding Americans
here?  Eggs.  toastis.  lots of cheeses and meats including
those taken from sea creatures.

After five identical morning of this, antiques or not, I could
not take it anymore!   I broke from reality.............................
..............if clapton really IS GOD, AS "THEY SAID,"..........
....then it follows that.