Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brown and White

I was introduced to heroin in the Nederlands.......like so many other new "things" I was introduced to......THERE!  

I had steadily avoided it for all of my life up until I began to live with some friends who were daily users.

  I had after all, grown up in the Great Satan, the USA where drug users {(drugs besides caffeine, nicotine and alcohol) have been demonized since 1936 (or before!)} and had an uncle who was deemed the "leper" of the family and shunned etc because he was a "junkie."  So, I did have some fear of the drug and that is why I would only try it via smoking b/c I knew I could titrate the dose perfectly that way, avoid "hot shots......" you get my drift.

I normally don't care for Opiates in general.....they are excellent for PAIN!!!!!  But had never taken them just for BOREDOM or worse, "lovesickness."  Now a caveat..none of my friends used it IV (one was a previous Iv user, but he's blown all his veins by the time I met him.)  

So, they all just smoked it.  About 5 guys, 1 girl used daily about 4-6 times a day (smoking it with the "aluminum foil method,") and one older man only used tobacco and I preferred coke freebase only.  They (the heroin users) claimed it was impossible to just use freebase with out "balancing it with heroin."  I showed them it was possible, though I made no converts......

Yet living with it everyday, and smelling the pleasant smell of it, finally I accepted an offer to try it.  It was ok.  Nothing really special in my opinion...but a nice mellow "warm fuzzy feeling." And it definitely was an anxiolytic.  And a couple times I tried it, I was injured and it really did help my back after I had been hit on a bicycle by a car.  

One friend, my best friend there in A'dam (best MALE friend) was very protective of me, because he did not want me to "get addicted," like him.  I explained and lectured about the false paradigm of addiction, gave book references  etc. but he/they never looked into it. They continued to believe that to use coke you had o use heroin too.  It is not true if you have sufficient mind control abilities.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First LSD Study in Humans In Over 35 Years Treats Final Subject

LSD-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Secondary to Life Threatening Illness

Location: Solothurn, Switzerland
MAPS is proud to sponsor the first study of the therapeutic use of LSD in humans in over 35 years. This study, based in Switzerland, investigates the safety and effectiveness of LSD-assisted psychotherapy in subjects with life-threatening illnesses and who are experiencing associated anxiety. The study received final approval from the BAG (the Swiss DEA) on December 5, 2007, final approval from the Ethics Committee (the Swiss IRB equivalent) on October 30, 2007, and clearance from SwissMedic (the Swiss FDA equivalent) on November 8, 2007. The first subject was enrolled on April 23, 2008, and all subjects have now been treated.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vladimir's Nightmare

Vladimir's nightmare


He's up on the MIR, unfortunately, no other crewperson is on the ship with Vlad. The last female cosmonaut that was up there with him, was up there 16 earth-months ago. He is very very bored and lonely.

Back in Kzyl-Ordinsk region, he was no cassanova, but he did have a part-time girlfriend, who he really cared about. But she a "rich bitch" "sophisticated Muscavite," didn't really give him the time of day. But she made fun of him when he tried to take her on dates when he had r and r, to nice place like Tokyo,
Paris, Nederlands.

However, he on the other hand, had feelings. And he thought she loved him. Of course, in her mind, he was just a stepping stone, a piece of shit to grind in the sausage grinder. She was a typical nasty-ass earth cunt, in other words.

So, the poor fool, having slaved his life away to get to be a cosmonaut, pined for her in orbit. The blithering poor bastard, the brunt of so many horrible ideas and "jokes" actually loved Alla.

She didn't giva rat's ass for him, only his money, cock, and her sense of divaish self-aggrandizement. I am Vladimir's comrade, Boris Sapozhnikov.
I was stationed on Mir with him for 4 months as mission science specialist.
And flight surgeon, mechanic etc etc etc you get the picture.

And he told me how much he loved her and it was painful to hear that a man could love a woman that much. But, I digress.

Back to Vladimir's job....he was at that month, working on 18 critical projects simultaneously and having to fuckin space walk by himself with no help except via "ground control." Thus a thruster-pack and a tether were
his only friends.

Vlad was sssooooo lonely, despite having earth tv, dvd's movies to watch, pornos, etc. etc ad nauseum. He needed a real woman in the fucking flesh, and he particularly like this one alla-chan who at that time was living under cover in Nederlands and worked as the desk clerk at the the Chokum and Cheatem Hotel, on Leidsekade 88- 89 in Amsterdam. Lucky Her!

Poor Vladimir was floating in a rusty tin can, and all he got to do to communicate with his love (and the slunt just strung him along...) was send email. Bitch not answer spaceman's email, desperate for contact with only loved one. Beloved. "She too busy," a bloody fucking lie. He showed me a picture of her and she was quite lovely, and because of a bottle of Stoli and another unmentionable product, and his great trust and friendship with me (lucky me), he also showed me a print-out of a beautiful, marvelous, masterpiece of a poetic, super-sexual love letter that he wrote to miss Priss.

I had met the Chinese doll before, and I thought she was quite moderately neato.